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Email Marketing fromHealth Med Business

Start your Email Marketing efforts today.

Build a highly targeted marketing database based on your requirements. Search and locate your best prospects or let us do it for you.

Create, design and roll out your email campaigns easily with our comprehensive email campaign platform.

Track your email messages and get detailed reports on opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes and more with our in-depth tracking tools.

Email Database

Choose your prospects from the biggest healthcare database available in the domain. Handpick your prospects and download their details whenever and wherever you require. Start your Search now.

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Email Campaigns

Create email campaigns that fit your business and marketing requirements. Choose any template from a list of popular email templates or craft one yourself. You can upload your email templates, email database and roll out the campaigns using our cutting-edge email campaign platform. You can see it all for yourself before you sign up. With our free trial offer, you can get started now. Click here to get a free trial login.

Track your Campaigns

Tracking your emails is as important as rolling them out. You have to see how your prospects are reacting to your emails to judge them and nurture them. With our tracking platform, you get detailed reports on each mail you send. See how your prospects are behaving. Get in-depth reports on opens, clicks, links opened, forwards, bounces, unsubscribes and more. Roll out a trial campaign and see it for yourself. Click here to get a free trial login.

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