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Success Stories 1


Increase drug awareness and increase sales

Leading mid-segment pharma company based in Lincoln develops intravenous drugs to treat anemia. The company rapidly expanded in early 2009 through a new drug cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Client was looking for expertise to build collaborative relationship with pharmaceutical executives rather than just a quick sales pitch and drop-off sample marketing. The existing traditional channels to reach medical offers were inadequate to inject the required response. The popularity of the brand was at stake with many new firms closing in with new substitute drugs.


Personalized email marketing with instant list & leveraging social media channels

Health Med Business recommended the right marketing mix of targeted email marketing, traditional marketing and social media to create a holistic multi-channel marketing mix. Based on this recommendation, we aggregated a high-value list of pharmaceutical professionals from major cities in US. The experts atHealth Med Business also revised the existing landing pages with easy navigation and clear user interface. As agreed, they rolled personalized campaigns to pharmaceutical executives and tracked the real time response. Apart from this, social media profiles in Facebook & Twitter were created to foster consumer conversation with the brand.


Revenue from drug sale surged by 24%

The website’s unique visitors increased by 65% and the sales of the new drug touched a record 38% growth in the next quarter. Opt-in registration on the website collected five times more users in one month than the whole of 2008. One month after implementation of this marketing program, client was able to step up the revenues despite reducing representative’s hospital visits. Client also reported improved relationships with key decision-makers (physicians and pharmacists) that helped the company scale 24% growth in revenue from new drug sale.

Success Stories 2


How to extend beyond the obvious markets

Based in Boston, this medical device company is known for its low-cost portable ventilator. It has largely expanded its market through referrals and traditional marketing. In 2009, the company decided to reach professional audiences through online channels. The client had little knowledge in online lead generation programs and earlier marketing attempts failed to sizzle.


Refreshing marketing through targeted campaigns

Health Med Business started by locating potential prospects from hospitals and healthcare institutions. First, the existing website was revamped with new UI and keyword rich content. With help from client’s marketing staff the experts atHealth Med Business created the blueprint of the best customer. Based on the customer profile, they queried their medical database and found 48,667 executives matching the profile. This direct email marketing list was used to send promotion mails and e-newsletters. During this phase,Health Med Business advised the client to train employees on Twitter and Facebook to create company-wide engagement policy.


182 new leads and 220% traffic increase in four months

Barely four months after rolling out targeted campaigns and monthly newsletter, client experienced significant surge in leads and traffic. Attracting valuable visitors also resulted in 4 major deals with large hospital chains in US. Apart from promotional campaigns and customer education materials, the fortnightly eNewsletter attracted lot of interest with healthcare professionals and readership. What really won the hospital decision makers’ heart was personalized campaigns and customer education program.